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8 easy life hacks you can use daily

Welcome back to the Billionaire Blog!

. Today, I’m going to give you eight simple life hacks that you can use on a daily basis to help you improve your communication and social skills while also giving you a psychological advantage.

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Now, let’s check out 8 easy life hacks that you can start using today:

#8 Pay attention to the feet

Did you know that the location of a person’s feet might indicate whether or not they wish to speak with you?

Yes, it is correct!

Both of a person’s feet will be pointing towards you if they are interested in having a conversation with you. Their feet will be pointed away from you if they are simply not interested in the talk.

I guess feet do convey some fascinating information!

#7 Crack a joke to identify close friendships

Start by making a random joke when you’re in a social scenario, such as at a party, and you want to identify all of the close friendships that exist.

There will be those who will break out laughing right away, and then there will be those who will make eye contact right away. This close eye contact indicates that these two people have a close friendship.

It appears that it is time to break out the old joke book!

#6 Real smiles versus fake ones

If someone smiles without wrinkles forming at the corners of their eyes, chances are you’re looking at an absolute fake!

However, if someone smiles and you notice wrinkles forming at the corners of their eyes, you’re more than likely dealing with a genuine one!

#5 Blinking might reveal secrets

Have you ever observed that when you chat to certain folks, they constantly appear to blink excessively, almost too much?

If you answered yes, that individual is probably attracted to you in some way! People that exhibit interest in you while conversing prefer to flutter their eyelids to demonstrate their appreciation, according to studies.

That’s one way of being subtle, I suppose!

#4 Winning arguments

Let’s face it, we all get into at least one disagreement every day, and there’s a simple strategy you can use to win every one of them.

When you’re in a dispute and the other person loses their cool, don’t lose your cool as well. Instead, try to remain as cool as possible when responding. This will not only make the other person realize their mistake, but it will also make you appear more mature!

#3 Copy-catting can be useful

When engaging in a conversation with someone who seems insecure and self-aware, try mirroring their body language.

This will make them feel more at ease during the conversation, and will also make them like you, as they’ll begin to realize you’re someone that they’re compatible with!

#2 Names are important

When meeting someone new, it’s always a good idea to call them by their first name throughout the chat.

When someone refers to them by their first name, they feel a sense of affection, trust, and respect. This not only makes you appear pleasant and compatible, but it also shows the other person that you are invested in the conversation.

#1 Inception is key

If you truly want to plant an idea into someone’s head, the best thing you can do is to tell them not to think about it at all.

Yes, you heard right.

Let’s say I tell you not to think about Santa… what are you now thinking about?

See what I mean?


Life is challenging and frustrating enough as it is, and often all we have to do is tweak a few minor details to get tremendous effects.

These eight life hacks I shared with you are designed to be simple and convenient to use in practically any situation. They will not only help you improve your social abilities, but they will also make you feel more confident in general!


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