How to cope with heartbreak

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4 min readAug 2, 2021

5 things you can do to cope with heartbreak

Let’s face it: having our hearts broken is an unavoidable part of life that we must all endure at some point.

We may believe that things are going well and that we fully understand someone until they disappoint us. Today, I’m going to share five ways for dealing with heartbreak and getting back on track with your life.

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Let’s take a look at five strategies you can employ to cope with heartbreak

#5 Travel

Traveling is never harmful, even in regular situations!

Even if it’s only to someone else in your own province or nation, a change of scenery after a traumatic break-up could be precisely what you need.

Traveling will allow you to collect your thoughts, relax emotionally and physically, and gain a fresh perspective on life. A change of location might sometimes be the only way to get over heartbreak since it keeps you from being surrounded by memories of what was once a great and flourishing relationship.

#4 Take up a new hobby

We all have that one activity that we always intend to start but never get around to because we’re too preoccupied with other things.

After a breakup, picking up a new interest will offer you a cause to enjoy life again and genuinely participate in the things that bring you joy. A new interest is also one of the finest methods to psychologically escape the memories of a previous relationship, allowing you to think on both the positive and negative aspects of the connection.

#3 Start an exercise regime

This is the traditional go-to for people who have recently experienced heartbreak.

Exercising produces a distinct sense of happiness, fulfillment, power, and invincibility. We normally have a lot of built-up remorse, wrath, and disappointment feelings after a breakup that we wish to get rid of.

Exercising, it turns out, is one of the most effective strategies to alleviate these debilitating symptoms. Your body releases dopamine and adrenaline as soon as you begin exercising, providing you with that much-needed “feel good” sensation that gradually becomes an addiction (at least a good one!).

#2 Meet new people

In most relationships, we devote a significant amount of time to the other half. In fact, we devote so much time to them that we forget about the other people in our life who are equally important.

Your friends, siblings, and parents all play important parts in your life, and you should not let a relationship prevent you from spending time with them.

Although the end of a relationship is one of the most painful things we can go through as humans, it frequently serves as a blessing in disguise, allowing us to spend more quality time with those we love. Take the hurt from the breakup and turn it into newfound enthusiasm and the chance to meet new people and spend more time with the people you care about.

#1 Focus on self-improvement and pursuing your dreams

We have a tendency to put our aspirations and dreams on hold if we are in a relationship.

Time is certainly on our side once we are no longer in a relationship. We can utilize our suffering and heartbreak as motivation to achieve our goals and enhance our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Consider this, guys and girls: if you sincerely want to demonstrate to the other person that they have mistreated you, you must succeed.

‘’Remember that success is the best revenge” — Arnold Schwarzenegger


You have two choices:

You can either let heartbreak break you down


You can use the pain of heartbreak as fuel to become a better person.

I understand that sadness is one of the most painful emotions a person can feel, and the degree of pain we feel is certainly dependent on the kind and duration of the relationship. The trick is to view the breakup as a blessing in disguise, allowing you to finally focus on the things that actually important in life, such as spending time with your loved ones, pursuing your objectives, and extending your social circle.

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