Overcoming your fears in life

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3 min readAug 2, 2021

Overcoming your fears: 3 Strategies

Let’s face it, we’re all terrified of something, and we’re all afflicted with insecurities in certain areas of our lives.

Fear isn’t something to feel embarrassed about. I recall hating and fearing small, enclosed environments since I was a child, and I still do to this day! Fear, on the other hand, is essentially a method your body attempts to talk you out of doing something, which might be counterproductive if you want to succeed.

I’m going to share three ideas with you today that will help you conquer your anxieties and pursue your life goals.

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Now, let’s take a look at three strategies you can use to overcome your fears:

#3 Assess and evaluate your fears

Why are you terrified of anything, is a simple question to pose here.

There are only a few things in life that we are afraid of, while other things may not even give us the creeps!

Determining WHY you are frightened of something might help you better comprehend the fear and, as a result, come up with strategies to deal with it. Making a list of your worries and ranking them from most dreaded to least feared is an easy approach to examine your fears.

Then you must ask yourself, “Why does this scare me?” “What can I do to reduce the effect it has on me?” and “Is my fear genuinely justified?” for each item on the list. You’ll have a greater knowledge of each phobia as a result of this, making step 2 (which I’ll discuss next) a lot easier.

#2 Devise simple methods to begin addressing your fears

It’s time to come up with solutions to try to address your worries after you’ve completely examined them and discovered the exact reasons why they terrify you.

Let’s imagine you have a fear of deep bodies of water, and you’ve figured out why it bothers you so much. Now you must consider how you may gradually but steadily address and reduce the magnitude of your fear.

Making a list of ways you think you can overcome the fear is a wonderful approach to start. If you’re afraid of deep water, start by submerging only half of your body in your swimming pool. Work your way up to submerging your full body until you reach that initial feeling of anxiety.

The essential at this point is to maintain mental fortitude. Tell yourself that you’ll save it and that the pool’s edge is only a few strokes away, so you can grab it if you feel uneasy. This allows your brain to cope with the concept of being in deep water, and doing it on a regular basis may help to address and minimize the fear.

#1 Implement the strategies by increasing your mental strength

I used the fear of deep-water bodies as an example in the preceding section, and I provided a method for dealing with that fear. However, in order to completely confront that fear, you’ll require mental power, which you must first develop.

True mental strength is something that only a few people on the earth have. Building mental toughness is a lot easier than it appears. I encourage doing things that push you out of your comfort zone, whether it’s riding a roller coaster for the first time or going on a challenging weekend walk.

By participating in activities that take a step outside of your comfort zone, you’ll hardwire your brain’s mental toughness!


It is ESSENTIAL that you learn to address your anxieties if you want to attain great success in life.

If you allow fear to take over many elements of your life, you will never be able to venture outside of your comfort zone and take calculated chances, which are critical if you want to achieve maximum success.

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