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Hello, and welcome to the Billionaire Blog’s newest category, “Thunder Thursday.” Thunder Thursday is all about motivating you and providing you the self-assurance you need to live your best life! “The Perfect Morning Routine” will be the topic of our first Thunder Thursday post. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

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What is the Perfect Morning Routine?

I’m not sure how many of you have heard of Robin Sharma; if you haven’t, allow me to explain who he is and why I’m bringing him up. Robin Sharma is the author of The 5 AM Club, one of my favorite self-help books. You can learn more about The 5 AM Club here. The 5 AM Club, in my opinion, has the Perfect Morning Routine. I definitely just tweaked the routine to make it ideal for me! This Morning Routine isn’t carved in stone; it’s simply a guideline that you can follow, but I recommend tweaking it to fit your needs.

Where to start with the Perfect Morning Routine?

Isn’t it the question everyone has come to ask? But we need to go back to the night before, before we can start with the perfect morning routine.

Before you begin your new morning routine, make sure you have completed the following procedures the night before:


1. Eat your last meal of the day

This will cause your body to metabolize your food immediately before bedtime, ensuring that you won’t be hungry until the morning.

2. Turn off all your electrical devices.

This is your television, computer, and, yes, your phone. This will prevent your brain from becoming overstimulated, allowing you to fall asleep much faster than usual.


Spend time with your loved ones

I’m not suggesting that you see a movie with them (Your devices should anyway be off.) I’m referring about having genuine, in-depth conversations with your family or loved ones; you’ll be astonished how much this step improves your relationships because there are no distractions such as a TV or a phone, implying that you and your loved ones are paying full attention!


1. Set your Clothes for the next morning

This implies you’ve completed a task for the following day even before it starts, which is always a victory!

2. Journal about your day; I usually divide mine into three sections: goals, emotions, and exercise.

You’ll see why I use these three sections when we come to the morning routine, but first let me explain why I use them.


You will write down your daily goals in the morning, which may be as simple as eating two meals or completing 10 push-ups, and you will look through your goals at night and mark every single goal that you completed throughout the day, which will enhance dopamine and help you sleep better.


Every morning, you’ll write down your emotions, such as how you felt when you got up this morning with your new morning routine, and every night, you’ll write down how you felt during the day. We do this so that you may look back in a few weeks and see how far you’ve come!


For the exercise section, in the morning, put down your workouts, and at night, write down your workout goals for the next day, it’s that simple!

3. Prepare to sleep at 21:00

This step is simple; simply plan to go to bed at 9 p.m. With my next statement, the difficult part begins. Go to bed in a room with no technology, as this will prevent you from becoming sidetracked and accidentally spending time on TikTok till 3 a.m. You might be wondering how I’m going to wake up at 5 a.m. if I go to bed without my phone; well, that’s easy; get yourself an old-fashioned alarm clock; these things are really loud, and there’s no way it won’t wake you up! You may find my recommended alarm clock on Amazon by clicking here!

Finally, The Perfect Morning Routine

Okay, now that we’ve covered all you need to know before starting the Perfect Morning Routine, we can finally get to the point of why you’re here!

The Perfect Morning Routine is broken down into three 20-minute segments, each one meant to get your body, brain, and mind ready for the day!

05:00–05:20: Move

You should aim to be active in the first stage of your morning routine, which entails working out. I’m not suggesting you go to the gym for 20 minutes; all you need to do is some push-ups or dance for a few minutes; just make sure you sweat! When you exercise first thing in the morning, your dopamine levels rise, which means you’ll be more focused throughout the day, and your serotonin levels rise, which means you’ll be less stressed and anxious.

05:20–05:40: Reflect

You should journal during the first 10 minutes of this section of your morning routine. I discussed how to journal in the morning earlier in this post, so I won’t go over it again, but it’s quite simple!

You must meditate for the remaining 10 minutes of this section. Before the day begins, meditation is the finest approach to clear your mind of all negativity!

05:40–06:00: Grow

This element of your morning routine is all about growth, which means you should learn something new. I don’t know many of our readers, so I can’t tell you exactly what you need to learn, but every week, select a new skill, go to YouTube, and spend 20 minutes learning about it! If you can learn a new skill once a week for a year, you will have mastered 52 new skills!


That’s all there is to it, guys. You’ve just witnessed the Perfect Morning Routine that will propel you to greatness!

What’s Next?

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